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EFFOL® Horse snackies

A well deserved reward with vitamines for all the kindness they give us.
Care products

OFFICINALIS® “Equirelax”

Equirelax is enriched with a mix of officinal herbs with relaxing and appeasing actions (Linden, Passion flower, Eschscholzia (California Poppy) and camomile), of Tryptophan - an amino-acid that is essential to the horse’s well-being –, of Magnesium Chloride to regulate nervous horses, and of a balanced vitamin blend.
Thanks to its balanced minerals composition, Electrolytes L-Glycine is a nutritional supplement to favour quick recovery of the water and minerals lost when sweating, while respecting the body’s natural osmotic balance.
Electrolytic Star is a feed supplement containing a balanced level of minerals (sodium chloride, calcium, phosphorus, potassium and magnesium) and L-glycine to improve the absorption of electrolytes and help the intake of vitamins necessary to the horse for biochemical recovery in case of intense workouts and stress.
Super Arti is a nutritional supplement enriched in organic silica and glucosamine sulphate, a precursor in the production of cartilaginous cells and joint synovial fluid – and with chondroitin sulphate, a natural component of cartilage indispensable to the maintenance of a sound cartilaginous matrix and to the protection of joints.
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